John Burdin


The SGA is sad to share that John Burdin passed away recently.

He started his career as a biology teacher at Temple Moor GS in Leeds, then went on to become a lecturer at Jordanhill College of Education in Glasgow. He later worked as H M Inspector for Schools (Scotland) for 30 years, and his remit included Guidance, Counselling and PSE. Following his retirement from this post, he worked as an Education Consultant.

It was because of his national contribution to Guidance, that the SGA appointed him as our Honorary President, and we are delighted that he continued to support our work throughout his life.

In his spare time, John enjoyed climbing munros. He was married, with 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

John Burdin National Counselling and Guidance Archive

John compiled a comprehensive archive of Guidance and Counselling documents, which is now stored in the University of Dundee.

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SGA members are welcome to view items in the collection at any time.